Marathon Memoirs

Last weekend, 1800 runners made their way through the Peoria area, from

Runners coming down Western past mile 10

Runners coming down Western past mile 10

downtown Peoria, up the Main Street hill, through Bradley, through the West Bluff, into the East Bluff and back down town, all for the kids at St. Jude.  Not only were there 1800 runners, but a dozen Paralympic competitors who did the 26.2 mile trek by pushing themselves with their arms.  Many gold and silver medalists from around the globe came to compete in the RiverCity Marathon.  It was a huge success and plans are already being made for next year.  Those at Running Central are taking suggestions of things that could better the run and are also trying to reduce chaos.  Adam White has been amazing throughout this entire process, dealing with those who became angry, paying for the Police Officer’s overtime, and ensuring the safety of every running.  Despite being called Satan, Adam stayed completely professional.

photo 2

More runners down Western including the marathon runners, the relay runners, and the 25K runners

photo 4

Mike serving as some comic relief to the runners at Mile 20

AmeriCorps members spent around six hours helping out this past weekend.  Rebecca and her boyfriend, Mike

photo 3

Mike being a traffic cone at Mile 20 on Forrest Hill

helped at an intersection by Rebecca’s house and mile marker ten and then came over to mile 20 and joined Natalie, Julie, Julie’s kids, John, Alisha, Shaquita, Kiona, Kiona’s boyfriend, and the runners from St. Jude Memphis to Peoria Run Motorhome blue 12.  The group passed out water and candy to the 200 marathon runners and continued to cheer them on for the most difficult part of the run.

Although the terrain was rough, the Main Street hill was brutal, and the heat and humidity were at their highest, the first RiverCity Marathon was a success!  Thank you again to all those who helped and supported St. Jude!

Run River City!


You’ve heard the commercials, you’ve seen the billboards, and now you’ve seen the blog post.  Peoria city is now hosting it’s very own marathon!  On Sunday, May 19, around 1,500 people will run 26.2 miles through the city.  There will also be a 5K, a 25K relay, and a kids run of 1.2 miles.  There will be a mariachi band, bags to play at relay stops, and perhaps a bacon stop!  Businesses will boom this coming weekend and many of them are doing specials for the community.  Check out your local businesses along the route this weekend and show them your support.

Money from the registration fee will be going to support St. Jude Research and the St. Jude runs.  It takes 2 million dollars to run the hospital for just ONE day, so every little amount donated helps!  This marathon is not only going to bring money into our community but also will save lives.

This event is going to be awesome so come out and support all those crazy people running for those who can’t.  Bring your signs and noisemakers and let’s make this an amazing first every River City Marathon!

Meet Another Member: Alisha!

Alisha, with our unofficial office mascot.

Alisha, with our unofficial office mascot.

Hi everyone I’m Alisha. I’m 20 years old and I’ve been with AmeriCorps for a little over a year. In that time I’ve worked on many projects, a few of them being: helping at the Midwest Food Bank, volunteering at the March Madness Access the Experience, and doing various preschool projects. At the Midwest Food Bank we packaged Tender Mercies to be shipped to disasters areas. The March Madness Access the Experience Field Trip Day, is a day where they change the games for people with disabilities so that they are able to play them too. The game I helped at was called Driveway Knockout. At our most recent trip to the Urban League Preschool we read the book How Full is Your Bucket for kids and then helped the kids do a craft that I designed. The craft was to fill origami buckets with paper water droplets that had stickers of things that made the kids happy. Before we went to the preschool I had to teach all of the AmeriCorps members and Natalie how to make the buckets. My favorite thing about AmeriCorps is all the opportunities to go out into the community and help people. I also like that it gives us a chance to grow as people. I personally have seen changes in myself since joining AmeriCorps. In my free time (wait what free time?) I like to read, hang out with friends, and on rare occasions go horseback riding. My future career plans are to go into the social work field but I’m not sure what part of it. Well that’s me.

A quick note.

PeoriaCorps members and volunteers have signed up to help the American Red Cross Central Illinois disaster relief efforts. We’ll be in and around Peoria and the surrounding areas helping with emergency supplies, shelters, food, cleanup, transport, and anything else the Red Cross volunteers need.

american red cross