A Quick Trip to Washington DC

This past week, three of the AmeriCorps members plus our leader, Julie, took a trip to Washington DC for the Conference on Volunteering and National Service.  Shaquita, Kiona, Rebecca, and Julie spent the four days in and out of different sessions, meeting new people, and coming up with new ways to help in our community.

Shaquita focused on Military sessions due to her husband’s involvement with the Army.  She also took some financial classes and learned many ways to become involved in the military without actually being in it.  With the sessions she took she has many new ideas for what to bring into her community.

Kiona took many different classes, some to do with Education, one to deal with conflict in the workplace, and many other sessions that filled her with ideas to help those in need in her home area.  Many ideas will help low income families with saving money.

Rebecca bounced from topics, such as education, to social innovation, to start ups, and communication.  She has set new goals for herself as an AmeriCorps member and is hoping to implement them in her next term.

The girls had the chance to network with many people, such as those from Target, Chase, Starbucks, and many others.  The three of them have come back ready to take on their community with fresh ideas and the contacts to help them do so.

Their next project will be gardening in parts of the neighborhood behind the Children’s Home around Bernard Hall.  This will start in early July.  Also, while doing this Shaquita and Kiona have been busy at Good Begginnings and South Side Mission helping with lots and lots of children.

Have a safe and great Summer!


Kiona, Shaquita, and Rebecca representing Illinois at the World War Two Memorial

Kiona, Shaquita, and Rebecca representing Illinois at the World War Two Memorial

service project

Rebecca, Shaquita, Julie, and Kiona help bag 100,000 bags of food for their second service project of the day!


Shaquita, Rebecca, and Kiona celebrate their hard work at the Target Sunday Supper


After the closing plenary, the girls pose with Wendy, an advocate for AmeriCorps

white house

Kiona, Rebecca, and Shaquita pose in front of the White House