Run River City!


You’ve heard the commercials, you’ve seen the billboards, and now you’ve seen the blog post.  Peoria city is now hosting it’s very own marathon!  On Sunday, May 19, around 1,500 people will run 26.2 miles through the city.  There will also be a 5K, a 25K relay, and a kids run of 1.2 miles.  There will be a mariachi band, bags to play at relay stops, and perhaps a bacon stop!  Businesses will boom this coming weekend and many of them are doing specials for the community.  Check out your local businesses along the route this weekend and show them your support.

Money from the registration fee will be going to support St. Jude Research and the St. Jude runs.  It takes 2 million dollars to run the hospital for just ONE day, so every little amount donated helps!  This marathon is not only going to bring money into our community but also will save lives.

This event is going to be awesome so come out and support all those crazy people running for those who can’t.  Bring your signs and noisemakers and let’s make this an amazing first every River City Marathon!



Some of our group at Monday's Take Back Our Neighborhood Celebration Dinner.

Some of our group at Monday’s Take Back Our Neighborhood Celebration Dinner.

Taking Back Our Neighborhood Celebration Dinner



On Monday, April 15th at 5:30 pm the Take Back Our Neighborhood team will be hosting a celebratory spaghetti dinner at Bernard Hall (512 E Kansas).  There will be a few people there to speak about what is happening in the neighborhood, how far we have come, and where we are going.  All East Bluff residents are invited.  There will be Avanti’s spaghetti and bread, dessert, and refreshments served.  There will be coloring pages and other activities for the children to keep them entertained.  And we will close the night with a raffle!

No need to RSVP…just come on over at 5:30 on Monday. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to PeoriaCorps!

Welcome to the PeoriaCorps Community Blog—your source of information for services and opportunities in and around Peoria!

Meet the members:

We’re Fostering Transitions, an AmeriCorps group that is based out of Children’s Home on Knoxville.  We’re “professional volunteers,” people of all ages and backgrounds who have chosen to donate our time and energy to bettering our community.  We typically have about 20 members who serve all over Peoria, working with schools, organizations, and Peoria citizens to help those in need.  This is our program’s fourth year.

Our Mission:

AmeriCorps’ slogan is “Getting Things Done.”  We get things done all across the city, from low-income preschools to hot meals for the elderly.  Right now we’re focusing on the East Bluff, as that’s where our headquarters is located.  The citizens have identified a need, and AmeriCorps has joined with other local nonprofits to address that need.  Take Back Our Neighborhood (TBON) is an initiative is an initiative based in the East Bluff that brings residents, business owners, and local organizations to help rebuild and refresh the neighborhood.

There is a lot happening right now, all across Peoria. We’ll do our best to keep this blog updated, so check back often.  We hope that this can become a tool for all Peoria citizens to find out what’s happening in their neighborhoods, connect them with helpful information like job openings and volunteer opportunities, and provide a place for people to give feedback on the work that’s being done (and the work that needs to be done) all across the city.  Leave us a comment or suggestion on our posts, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as we can.

Last, but not least: please keep in mind that we are your neighbors and while we work hard, we are not perfect.  Try to bear with us as we work out all the bumps and kinks on this new site.  If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know as we would love to include you in what we do.

More to come soon!